What’s up? I’m Jackson Bloore, owner of Action Jackson Fitness.

If you are here you're either looking for a personal trainer or you want to know exactly how I've achieved such extraordinary results with my own body so you can copy my success...

Have you ever seen that guy at the gym that’s just a walking spectacle? Everyone notices him.

He’s got just the right amount of size, he’s super lean, and rocking a noticeably well-defined six-pack outside the corner of his cutoff shirt. If so you’ve probably had the following internal dialogue:

  • How the hell did that guy get so lean?! I want my body to look like that…
  • What’s that guys diet like? He must never eat…
  • I wonder what supplements he’s on… must not be natural.
  • I wish my abs looked like that. I wonder if…nah, I could never look like that.
  • Jeez, that guy never stops moving. Why is he doing so many sets? Must be overtraining. And why is he using such light weight all the time?
  • What’s his secret? What does he know that I don’t and WHY CAN’T I LOOK LIKE THAT?

Sound familiar? Yeah, YOU’RE IN THE RIGHT PLACE THEN!

Or if you need a personal trainer that can help you look like Wolverine, a Spartan warrior, or just get you some noticeably defined abdominals.


I’m that guy you probably saw at the gym when you asked yourself those questions. Unlike other coaches or personal trainers I don’t just talk-the-talk and I don’t just teach this stuff. From certified personal trainer and coach to nationally published fitness model I’m the walking, talking, and breathing embodiment of health and fitness. I’m also the guy that wants to help you achieve the same results and get a body you never dreamed possible through a combination of mindset, motivation, psychology, and proven practical ACTION-able advice.

Here is how I can help you:

It would seem a little cocky to go on and on about all my credentials, credits, certifications, etc. This is what most personal trainers do at this point. Ridiculous. Instead of talking about myself I’ll take a backseat and let two of my current personal training clients speak for me and tell you what I’m all about:

“Jackson can explain the science of how an exercise or routine pushes your body, then inspires you to defy the science and break your limits.”
– Christoph M.

“Jackson is truly thoughtful, honest, and extremely knowledgeable about how exercise and nutrition affect the human body. Always great to behold the rare combination of brains, heart, judgment, humility and an amazing physique.”
– Scott H.

Here’s the deal:

Michelangelo once said, “In every block of marble I see a statue as plain as though it stood before me, shaped and perfect in attitude and action. I have only to hew away the rough walls that imprison the lovely apparition to reveal it to the other eyes as mine see it.”

I believe every single person has the potential to walk, talk, and act like the most badass version of themselves equipped with a body they never even dreamed possible – full of confidence and pride with an attitude and physique that others envy.

Boom! Go ahead, get the body and lead the life you never thought was possible.

Genetics, time, age, injuries, your past, etc. are all just excuses. It’s my job to help you:
  1. Create the visual of your goal or dream body.
  2. Build the confidence and belief that it’s actually possible.
  3. Provide the proven habits in regard to nutrition, supplements, and workouts that will make it a reality.

But are you actually qualified or are you just another meathead pitching bro-science?

Hilarious, but now we are getting somewhere. Yes, I’m qualified and although many might classify me as a bro I’m not just throwing bro-science at you. Everything I do is tireless researched and well-thought out, experimented with on myself, and once perfected, proven in the real world with my clients. You already know the results I’ve gotten with my own body so you may be asking yourself, can this work on me? Here is one of my client’s transformations after only 6 weeks:

Screen Shot 2015-06-05 at 6.30.49 PM

  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer
  • Kettlebell Concepts Level 1 Instructor
  • Bachelor of Arts Degree, cum laude with departmental honors in Computer Science & Economics
Industry Accolades
  • Named San Francisco Magazine “Best Personal Trainer for Abs” in Best of SF July-2015
  • Featured on the cover of 6 nationally distributed fitness products by Perfect Fitness including Perfect Crunch, Rip Deck, Ab Carver Sport, Ab Straps Pro, Tendon Tech, and Perfect Scale
  • Featured in national television commercial for Perfect Rip Deck – click here to view
  • Featured in international television commercial for Repower – click here to view
  • Appeared dozens of times in Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, Exercise for Men, Men’s Exercise, etc.
  • Featured on Nike.com, Bodybuilding.com, Muscle & Fitness.com
  • Appeared in an international television commercial for ESPN
  • Muscle & Fitness Male Model competition monthly winner
You can view his entire catalog at JacksonBloore.com


Perfect Crunch Box Cover

Not happy with your body?

Find out what’s holding you back from reaching your dream body in my Top 10 Exercise Mistakes video:

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